Article 1 – Organization

The 51st edition of Tour of Romania is organized by Romanian Cycling Federation.

Address: Str.Vasile Conta nr.16 – 020954 Bucuresti Phone: +
Fax: +
E-mail: and

Tour of Romania is organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports under the regulations of the UCI and Romanian Cycling Federation.

Tour of Romania is to be held from Wednesday, 19th to Sunday 23th September 2018 over a 5 stages.

Organizing Director of the race is
Traian Goga, cell: 004 0748010419, e-mail:

Director of the Tour is
Andrei Csiki, cell. 004 0744396804, e-mail:

For all situations which are not mentioned in these regulations, the U.C.I. and Romanian Cycling Federation rules will be referred to.

Article 2 – Type of event

The 51th Tour of Romania is registered as a class 2.2 event, and is open to athletes of the Men Elite and U-23 category (article 2.1.005 U.C.I.). The event is entered on the UCI Europe Tour calendar 2018.

In conformity with the U.C.I. Regulations, Tour of Romania awards points for the U.C.I. Ranking Europe Tour as follows:

General classification: 40,30,25,20,15,10,5,3,3,3 for the first 10 riders;
Wearing the leaders jersey per stage: 1 point.

Article 3 – Participation

As per article 2.1.005 of the U.C.I. regulations, the event is open to the following teams: U.C.I. Professional Continental teams ( max. 2), U.C.I. Continental teams, National teams, Regional and Club Teams.

As per article 2.2.003 of the U.C.I. regulations, teams must be composed of six (6) riders. Without prejudice to article 1.2.053, no team may start with less than 4 riders. The maximum number of teams admitted is 21.

The teams participating in 51th Tour of Romania have to return completed U.C.I. bulletins 20 days prior to the Race. All changes of the names of the riders participating in the race and reserve riders must be sent no later than 72 hours prior to the start to the Organizer by fax or email provided above.

The participating teams have to provide until 15th of September the list of vehicles servicing the team, their design, type of the vehicle and exact plate numbers.

Article 4 – Race headquarters

The preliminary operations of license control will take place on 18th of September from 14:00 to 16:30 hours, at Transilvania Hotel, Piața Iuliu Maniu, nr 11, Alba-Iulia, România, 510094. Tel.: 004.0258.812.052 , Mob.: 0721.291.709. Fax: 004.0358.403.199.

The technical meeting with the Organization Director, Referee College, Staff and Technical/Sport Directors (which have the obligation to participate) will be held on 18th of September, from 17:00 to 18:00 Transilva-nia Hotel, Piața Iuliu Maniu, nr 11, Alba-Iulia, România, 510094. Tel.: 004.0258.812.052 , Mob.: 0721.291.709. Fax: 004.0358.403.199.

The opening hour of race headquarters:

Tuesday, 18 September
Alba Iulia, Transilvania Hotel, Piața Iuliu Maniu, nr 11 – 09:00 – 22:00

Wednesday, 19 September
Alba Iulia, Transilvania Hotel, Piața Iuliu Maniu, nr 11 – 08:00 – 11:00
Sibiu, Ibis Hotel, Calea Dumbrăvii 2-4 – 18:00 – 22:00

Thursday, 20 September
Sibiu, Ibis Hotel, Calea Dumbravii 2-4 …. 08:00 – 11:00
Poiana Brasov, Piatra Mare Hotel, Strada Poiana lui Neagoe 10 – 18:00 – 22:00

Friday, 21 September
Poiana Brasov, Piatra Mare Hotel, Strada Poiana lui Neagoe 10 – 08:00 – 11:00
Focsani City Hall, Bulevardul Dimitrie Cantemir 1 bis – 18:00 – 20:00

Saturday, 22 September
Buzau, Pietroasa Hotel, Piata Daciei 1 – 08:00 – 11:00
Targoviste, Dambovita County Council, Piața Tricolorului 1 – 18:00 – 20:00

Sunday, 23 September
Bucharest, Hello Hotel, Calea Griviței 143 – 07:00 – 09:00

Monday, 24 September
Bucharest, Hello Hotel Calea Griviței 143 – 08:00 – 12:00

Contact phone of secretarial office are: 0400746195005 (Adelina Cristea) and 0040743955421 (Andra Dumitrescu).

The Press Centre of the Tour is in same place with Race Headquarter in every stage.

Article 5 – Radio tour

Race information will be broadcasted on the following frequency: 147.2625 MHz.

Article 6 – Depanage

The Depanage is made by each team with its own car. Wheel or bikes change are allowed between the riders of the same team. The organizer will ensure 3 neutral vehicles identified by special signs and yellow stickers with mention “MASINA NEUTRA / NEUTRAL SUPPORT”.

Also it will be a neutral moto with sticker: NEUTRAL SUPPORT.

Article 7 – Bonuses

Bonuses, under the articles 2.6.019 to 2.6.029, may be awarded as follows:
– at the end of stages: 10”, 6” and 4” to the 3 first classified riders.
– on each Intermediate Sprint in stages: 3”, 2” and 1” are awarded to the first 3 classified riders.

In stage 5, Intermediate Sprints will be in lap 4, 8 and 12.

Article 8 – Time control limits

Taking into account the characteristics of each stage, the finishing time limits have been set as follows, according to Art. 2.6.032:

  • 15% – for 1st stage
  • 20% – for 2nd stage
  • 30% – for 3rd stage
  • 15% – for 4th stage
  • 15% – for 5th stage

Any rider that has more than 15 minutes disadvantage from the main bunch during the race, will be excluded from the race for safety reasons.

The time limit may, in case of special atmospheric conditions or other exceptional circumstances, confirmed accidents or incidents, be increased by the Commissaire Panel, in consultation with the Sports Tour Manager, according with the Article 2.6.032 of the UCI Regulations.

Each team will be escorted by one vehicle (excepting in the stage 5, where just the first 6 teams in General Classification will be allowed with car )

Article 9 – Classifications

The leader jerseys are attributed in the below order, which is the order of their importance. The following classification(s) will be issued:

Distinctive jersey:


The best team ranking is made by adding the time of the first three riders of each team, taking into consideration the bonuses and penalties. In case of time equality, the order will be decided by the addition of places obtained by those three riders.

If one team reduces its riders members to less than three riders, the team will not be figured in this classification.

The riders, leaders of the general classification or of one special classification of the distinctive jerseys in the Rules, must wear, in the race the jersey provided by the organiser. In the case one rider has more than one jersey, he will wear the priority one. On the other classification the jersey will be worn by the second and so on.

Distinctive jersey classification method:
Yellow Jersey is obtained by addition of times in stages and time bonuses. The winner of the race is the competitor with minimum total time. In case of equality of time, the Article 2.6.015 of U.C.I. Regulation will be applied in General Classament.

The winner will be declared the rider who has more points in the intermediary sprints. The Sprinters’ Classification is decided by adding the points awarded at each intermediate sprint.

Points will be awarded as follows at the intermediate sprints:
1st rider: 3 points and 3 second time bonus applicable to the GC
2nd rider: 2 points and 2 second time bonus applicable to the GC
3rd rider: 1 points and 1 second time bonus applicable to the GC

The winner of Mountain Classification is the rider with most points collected on KOM primes.

Points for the KOM primes are as follows:

No. of
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
SP category 10 25 20 18 15 12 10 8 6 4 2
A category 5 12 8 6 4 2
B category 3 6 4 2
C category 3 3 2 1

If two or more riders have the same points number, the rider who adds more 1st places on a KOM of category SP will be declared the winner. If they still have the same points, the order will be made by adding the number of victories obtained in the SP KOM category; if they have the same place in general classification, it will be taken into consideration the order on Final General Time Classification (U.C.I. Regulation art 2.6.017).

For prizes on general top classification at KOM, the riders must finish the entire race.

Is established by adding the official time obtained in every stage by each rider, adding the bonuses and the penalties, and limited to riders 19 to 22 years old.

In case of equality of time, the Article 2.6.015 of U.C.I. Regulation will be applied. In order to claim the prize, the riders must finish the entire race.

The leader of each classification is required to wear the corresponding distinctive jersey.

If a rider is leading more than one classification, the order of priority of the distinctive jerseys shall be as follows:

  • general classification by time;
  • general sprinter’s classification;
  • general climber’s classification;
  • general best U23 classification.

In the situation, the rider next on the relevant classification will wear a jersey which is not being worn by the leader of that classification. However, if this rider must wear his world or national champion’s jersey, or the leader’s jersey of a UCI cup, circuit, series or classification, he shall wear that jersey. (U.C.I. Regulation art 2.6.018).

Is made on the basis of the General Individual Classification, taking into consideration only the riders with Romanian nationality.

Other Trophies classification method:

The best teams classification is made by adding the times of the three best riders of each team who cover the distance of the stages. In case less than three riders from the same team finish the race, the team is not classified. The bonuses awarded to the riders in each stage are not taken into consideration in the Best Team Classification. In case of same time, the difference will be made as per U.C.I. art. 2.6.016.

Article 10

All details regarding time and place to start route for each stage are indicated in the Official Road Book. If is changed, will be communicated to the participants daily through the official communicate of the commissaires panel.

Article 11 – Prizes

The money prizes for the stages and the general final classification will be given after the publication of the anti-doping tests (maximum 90 days) directly to the account of each team. This method eliminates the risk that a rider who could possibly be found positive at the anti-doping test gets undeserved money prizes.

The prizes are in conformity with the Romanian law and will be given in Romanian currency for Romanian teams and in euro for foreign teams. All the prizes are under the fiscal rule of Romania, that means we will apply an 16% tax on every prize. Also we will collect 2% for Antidoping Contribution.


A. Stages

Stages 1-5
1 300 €
2 200 €
3 100 €
4 90 €
5 80 €
6 60 €
7 40 €
8 40 €
9 30 €
10 30 €
11 20 €
12 20 €
13 20 €
14 20 €
15 20 €
16 20 €
17 20 €
18 20 €
19 20 €
20 20 €
20 prizes 1.100 €/stage

B. General Individual Classification

1 700 €
2 500 €
3 300 €
4 150 €
5 100 €
6 100 €
7 100 €
8 60 €
9 60 €
10 30 €
11 30 €
12 30 €
13 30 €
14 30 €
15 30 €
16 30 €
17 30 €
18 30 €
19 30 €
20 30 €
Total: 2.400 €

C. King of the Mountain Classification
Place 1: 200 €
Place 2: 150 €
Place 3: 100 €
Total: 450 €

D. Best Young Rider U 23
Place 1: 200 €
Place 2: 150 €
Place 3: 100 €
Total: 450 €

E. Best Team Classification
Place 1: 300 €
Place 2: 200 €
Place 3: 100 €
Total 600 €

F. Best Romanian Riders in GC
Place 1: 200 €
Place 2: 150 €
Place 3: 100 €
Total: 450 €

G. Sprinters’ Classification
Place 1: 200 €
Place 2: 150 €
Place 3: 100 €
Total: 450 €

Article 12 – Stages

The Competition consists of 5 stages rising to a total length of 717.5 km, as follows:

19 September 2018 – Stage 1
Length 154,7 km
Route Alba-Iulia – Vingard – Drașov – Doștat – Păuca – Roșia de Secaș – Blaj – Șeica Mică – Șeica Mare – Slimnic – Ocna Sibiului – Sibiu
Festive Start 12:45 – Alba-Iulia – Cetatea Alba Carolina
Technical Start 13:00 – DJ 107 / Calea Ciugudului
Finish 17:30 – Sibiu – Piața Mare
Start route B-dul Horea – Calea Moților – str. Tudor Vladimirescu – str. Gheorghe Doja – str. Mărășești – Calea Ciugudului
Finish route
in Sibiu
Riders: Calea Șurii Mici – str. Mihail Kogălniceanu – str. Reconstrucției – str. Turnului – str. Târgul Peștelui – str. Alexandru Odobescu – str. Samuel von Brukenthal – Piața Mare
Auto: Calea Șurii Mici – str. Mihail Kogălniceanu – str. Reconstrucției – str. Turnului – str. Faurului – str. Ocnei – Piața Mică
20 September 2018 – Stage 2
Length 162,8 km
Route Sibiu – Bradu – Avrig – Făgăraș – Codlea – Ghimbav – Cristian – Râșnov – Poiana Brașov – Brașov
Festive Start 12:45 – Sibiu – Piața Mică
Technical Start 13:00 – DN 1/7 road to Fagaras
Finish 17:15 – Brașov – Livada Poștei
Start route Piața Mică – str. Ocnei – str. Nicolae Teclu – str. Consituției – str. Bâlea – str. Moldoveanu – B-dul Vasile Milea
Finish route
in Brașov
Riders: str. Stejărișului – Calea Poienii – Șirul Livezii – B-dul Eroilor – Livada Poștei
Auto: str. Stejărișului – Calea Poienii – Șirul Livezii – B-dul Eroilor – Livada Poștei
21 September 2018 – Stage 3
Length 176,3 km
Route Brașov – Târgu Secuiesc – Ojdula – Lepșa – Topești – Focșani
Festive Start 12:45 – Brașov – Livada Poștei
Technical Start 13:00 – Brașov – str. Hărmanului , road to Sf. Gheorghe
Finish 18:00 – Focșani – B-dul Unirii – zona Primăriei Focșani
Start route Livada Poștei – Șirul Livezii – B-dul Eroilor – B-dul 15 Noiembrie – str. Toamnei – str. Hărmanului
Finish route
in Focșani
Riders: str. Mărășești – B-dul Independenței – B-dul Unirii – zona Primăriei Focșani
Auto: str. Mărășești – B-dul Independenței – B-dul Unirii – zona Primăriei Focșani
22 September 2018 – Stage 4
Length 124,7 km
Route Buzău – Mizil – Albești-Paleologu – Valea Călugărească – Bucov – Centura Ploiești – Dărmănenști – Răzvad – Târgoviște
Festive Start 12:45 – Buzău – Hotel Pietroasa – City Hall Buzău (Piața Daciei)
Technical Start 13:00 – B-dul Unirii – road to Ploiești
Finish 18:00 – Târgoviște – B-dul Mircea cel Bătrân, zona Parcul Mitropoliei
Start route zona dintre Hotel Pietroasa și Primăria Buzău (Piața Daciei) – str. Tudor Vladimirescu – B-dul Nicolae Balcescu – B-dul Unirii
Finish route
in Târgoviște
Riders: DN 72 (Aleea Mănăstirea Dealu) – str. Mihai Bravu – Calea Domnească – B-dul Mircea cel Bătrân
Auto: DN 72 (Aleea Mănăstirea Dealu) – str. Mihai Bravu – Calea Domnească – B-dul Libertății
23 September 2018 – Stage 5
Length 99,0 km
Route 18 laps on route: Piața Presei Libere – B-dul Poligrafiei – str. Jiului – junction str. Jiului with B-dul Bucureștii Noi and back
Technical Start 11:00
Finish 13:30

Article 13 – Penalties

The U.C.I. penalty range is applicable.

Article 14 – Anti-doping

The UCI Anti-Doping regulation are entirely applicable to this competition. At the end of each stage a possible doping control will be made under the exist-ing law with writing communication at the finish line made by the Organizer. The riders will present their license, valid passport or identity card or a document with photo.They will be accompanied by their Sport/Technical Manager. Responsible for the Anti Doping control is an accredited laboratory by UCI.

Article 15 – Awards ceremony

In accordance with article 2.06.018 of UCI rules:

Riders must take part in the official award ceremony (prizes, distinctive jerseys and other trophies) based on the various classification established by the organizer. The official ceremony will take place in the following order:

After stage 1-4

  • The first 3 riders on the stage
  • First place of the general classification
  • First place of the mountain classification
  • First place of sprint classification
  • First place of U 23 classification
  • First place of Best Romanian rider

After the last stage

  • The first 3 riders on the stage
  • First 3 places of the general classification
  • First 3 places of the mountain classification
  • First 3 places of sprint classification
  • First 3 places of U 23 classification
  • First 3 places of Best Romanian rider
  • First place of team in the general classification

Subject to prior information of the president of the commissar’ panel, the organizer can modify the order for operational needs.

The riders will come at the podium in maximum 10 minutes after crossing the finish line.

The leaders in all classifications have to come to the podium 10 minutes before the start of each stage in order to attend a presentation arranged by the orga-nizer at the start line (in front of the riders and press).

All winners who refuse to attend the awards ceremony, save in case of substantiated force majeure events, will have their prizes confiscated and will be reported to the ratifying body which will take the appropriate steps (art.

The Antidoping procedure will follow the Awards Ceremony in order to.

Article 16 – Final dispositions

The Organizers do not cover the costs of any additional services ordered by the participants during the race: phone calls, fax, laundry, borrowing additional sets of sheets and towels, additional meals and drinks, except those ordered by the Organizer in the standard menu.

Persons ordering additional services are obliged to cover such costs prior to checkout.

In case the above mentioned rules are violated, the Organizer reserves the right to deduct relevant sums upon the payment of rewards or upon any other financial settlements with the person who violated the above rules.

The Organizers will place the requested road signs along the route of the race. The Organizers are in no way liable for course misinformation of riders due to damage or removal of the road signs by third party.

In the case of details not mentioned in these rules, the dispositions refer at the Romanian Cycling Federation and U.C.I. rules and the Romanian laws.

The Organizers have the right to change tin Regu-lation and shall inform in due time the officials and teams.

The team managers and accredited persons are morally and financially responsible for:

Making the riders and other team members acquaint-ed with these Rules and other official Race documents;
Strict observation of the valid race program and other recommendations of the Race Organizer and Jury;
Damage and devastation in rooms used by accredited persons, teams and for leaving the rooms in due or-der;
Paying all amounts due for additional services ordered by the team members and accredited persons;

The participants who receive radios and cars are obliged to return them to the Organizer immediately after the last stage of the Race is finished, during business hours of the Permanent Office. The cars provided by the Organizer must be parked in guarded car parking lots each time. Otherwise, in case of theft, damage or loss, the Organizer will charge the costs to the person receiving the cars and radio stations.

The participants of 51th Romania Tour (riders, accompanying persons and technical support) are obliged to have a valid personal accident insurance covering the outpatient treatment and hospital stay. Insurances must be presented to the Commissar Panel during accreditation, prior the Race commencement.

All vehicles participating in the Race must be insured. Insurance must be presented to the Commissar Panel during accreditation, prior the Race commencement.

The Organizer is not liable for accidental events which occurred during arrival and departure of participants to and from the Race.
Each participant takes part in the Race at her/his own risk.

The Organizer is not materially liable for things lost during the Race.

Failure to know the rules of 51th Romania Tour and non-compliance with them will not be accepted by the Organizer as an excuse.

l) The fees for loosing chips, numbers, radio station are: 500 euro for radio station, 5 euro for every number, 50 euro for each chip.

Order and Safety

Riders and all cars in the convoy must follow the in-structions of Police, race-marshals and respect the Romanian traffic rules.

All roads are open for normal traffic (except stage 5) and the Romanian Police will organize a rolling closure of each stage. That means cross traffic as well on-coming traffic will be closed for the time of the Convoy is going through. Traffic will be resumed once the Convoy has passed.

The riders and other participants are obliged to obey the rules and regulations of road traffic in Romania when cycling or driving outside the Race Convoy.

The riders and other participants are obliged to obey the U.C.I. sport rules and regulations when cycling in the Convoy. The drivers of the vehicles in the Convoy are obliged to follow the orders of Commissar Panel, Organizer and Police officers.

In case of incident or road accident it is mandatory to stop the vehicle, arrange for warning road users about the vehicle position, give first aid to eventual victims of the road accident and notify the police department about the incident during the race.
The Organizer is not responsible for accidents and other losses during the race.

The long decalsign with Romania Tour and U.C.I. lo-gos should be placed on the car’s windscreen at the very top. The numbers of team vehicles, which show the vehicle order in the Race Convoy, will be placed on the car rear on the left hand side and on the wind-screen on the right side at the bottom. Numbers will be provided by the Jury together with the results of subsequent stages.

Sign on

All riders must sign the race-protocol before every stage. The protocol is posted 60 min before start and will be removed 10 minutes before start. By signing on the start protocol the rider confirms that he has read and understood the race regulations and the route of the stage. Riders not signing the protocol will be disqualified.

Riders abandoning the race

The riders who abandon the race shall immediately remove their race-numbers and deliver these to a commissar of the Broom Wagon.

The Organizer provides the riders withdrawn from the Race with accommodation and meals only till midday of the following day. After that time the Organizer will cancel the reservation of the rider withdrawn from the Race and will not cover the costs of his accommodation, meals and travel.

The feed zone

At stage 5 will be organized stationary Feed Zones, where food and drinks may be served. The point will be indicated by the Organizer. In this area it is not allowed to serve food and drinks from technical vehicles.

Article 17 – Emergency phone numbers


County City Name Phone
Alba Alba-Iulia Spitalul Județean de Urgență Alba-Iulia 0258 – 821.694
0258 – 821.695
0258 – 821.695
Blaj Spitalul Nou Blaj 0258 – 710.941
Sibiu Sibiu Spitalul Clinic Judeţean de Urgenţă Sibiu 0269 – 215.050
0269 – 210.349
Brașov Făgăraș Spitalul Municipal Dr. Aurel Tulbure Făgăraș 0268 – 212.524
Brașov Spitalul Clinic Județean de Urgență Brașov 0268 – 320.022
0372 – 676.100
Covasna Sfântu Gheorghe Spitalul Județean de Urgențe Dr. Fogolyán Kristóf Kórház 0267 – 314.644
0267 – 311.583
Târgu Secuiesc Spitalul Municipal Târgu Secuiesc 0367 – 804.413
0267 – 361.469
0267 – 362.090
Vrancea Focșani Spitalul Județean de Urgență Sf. Pantelimon Focșani 0237 – 625.000
Buzău Buzău Spitalul Județean de Urgență Buzău 0238 – 720.689
0238 – 719.132
Prahova Ploiești Spitalul Județean de Urgență Ploiești 0244 – 577.711
Dâmbovița Târgoviște Spitalul Județean de Urgență Târgoviște 0245 – 631.582
București Spitalul Universitar de Urgență București 021 – 318.051.929
București Spitalul Clinic de Urgență București 021 – 599.23.00
021 – 599.23.08

National police

County Name Phone
Alba Inspectoratul de Poliţie Judeţean Alba 0258 – 806.161
Sibiu Inspectoratul de Poliţie Judeţean Sibiu 0269 – 216.262
0269 – 208.204
0269 – 208.211
Brașov Inspectoratul de Poliţie Judeţean Brașov 0268 – 407.500
Covasna Inspectoratul de Poliţie Judeţean Covasna 0267 – 307.400
Vrancea Inspectoratul de Poliţie Judeţean Vrancea 0237 – 207.004
Buzău Inspectoratul de Poliţie Judeţean Buzău 0238 – 402.014
Prahova Inspectoratul de Poliţie Judeţean Prahova 0244 – 302.218
0244 – 595.340
Dâmbovița Inspectoratul de Poliţie Judeţean Dâmbovița 0245 – 207.200
Direcția Generală de Poliție a Municipiului București 021 – 315.35.34
interior 33362


County Name Phone
Alba Inspectoratul de Jandarmi Judeţean Alba
Sibiu Inspectoratul de Jandarmi Judeţean Sibiu 0269 – 233.982
0269 – 233.170
Brașov Inspectoratul de Jandarmi Judeţean Brașov
Covasna Inspectoratul de Jandarmi Judeţean Covasna
Vrancea Inspectoratul de Jandarmi Judeţean Vrancea
Buzău Inspectoratul de Jandarmi Judeţean Buzău
Prahova Inspectoratul de Jandarmi Judeţean Prahova
Dâmbovița Inspectoratul de Jandarmi Judeţean Dâmbovița

Local Police

County City Name Phone
Alba Alba-Iulia Poliția Locală Alba-Iulia 0258 – 819.096
Blaj Poliția Locală Blaj 0756 – 089.212
Sibiu Sibiu Poliția Locală Sibiu 0269 – 208.970
0369 – 911
Brașov Făgăraș Poliția Locală Făgăraș 0268 – 210.020
Brașov Poliția Locală Brașov 0268 – 954
Covasna Târgu Secuiesc Poliția Locală Târgu Secuiesc 0725 – 101.264
Vrancea Focșani Poliția Locală Focșani 0237 – 215.030
0237 – 215.005
Buzău Buzău Direcția Poliție Locală Buzău 0238 – 710.499
Prahova Ploiești Poliția Locală Ploiești 0244 – 954
Dâmbovița Târgoviște Poliția Locală Târgoviște 0785 – 212.904
București Poliția Locală a Municipiului București 021 – 539.14.00
021 – 539.14.02

Department for emergency situations

County City Name Phone
Alba Alba-Iulia Inspectoratul pentru Situații de Urgență “Unirea” Alba 0258 – 810.411
0258 – 810.497
Sibiu Sibiu Inspectoratul pentru Situații de Urgență “Cpt. Dumitru Croitoru” Sibiu 0269 – 211.212
0269 – 211.213
0269 – 211.539
0269 – 211.063
0269 – 211.407
Brașov Brașov Inspectoratul pentru Situații de Urgență “Țara Bârsei” Brașov 0268 – 428.888
Covasna Târgu Secuiesc Inspectoratul pentru Situații de Urgență “Mihai Viteazul” Covasna 0267 – 315.350
0267 – 315.351
Vrancea Focșani Inspectoratul pentru Situații de Urgență “Anghel Saligny” Vrancea 0237 – 611.212
Buzău Buzău Inspectoratul pentru Situații de Urgență “Neron Lupașcu” Buzău 0238 – 721.301
0238 – 724.089
0238 – 724.059
Prahova Ploiești Inspectoratul pentru Situații de Urgență “Șerban Cantacuzino” Prahova 0244 – 595.366
0244 – 595.367
Dâmbovița Târgoviște Inspectoratul pentru Situații de Urgență “Basarab I” Dâmbovița 0245 – 614.171
București Inspectoratul pentru Situații de Urgență “Dealul Spirii” București 021 – 207.55.00

Article 18 – Member of commissaires panel

President of Commissaires Panel
Martin Bruin – UCI Commissaire
Csicsáki Tamás- Driver UCI

Jury no. 1 member of Commissaires Panel
Gyorfy Zoltan – Elite National
Commissaire Cioltean Ioan – Driver

Jury no. 2
Dan Buzatu – Finish Judge
Olar Daniel – Sprints Judge
Mariana Macovei – TimeKeeper
Mitef Alexandru – GPM Judge

Jury no. 3 – member of Commissaires Panel
Ioan Sabin Andoniu – Elite National Commissaire
Salomon Otto – Driver

Jury no. 4 
Bog Marcel – National Commissaire
Florin Trifan – Driver

Broom wagon
Constantin Buzatu – Regional Commissaire

Moto Commissaires
Ciprian Tomas – National Commissaire
Cosmin Giugulea – Regional Commissaire
Mihai  Mirea – National Commissaire

Moto info
Eduard Andreescu
Ana Maria Alexe

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